12 January 2016

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How To Keep Writing Blogs When You Don't Feel Like It?? - The My Way

It pains man, it pains.

It makes me feel guilty as well. That I'm not updating my blog.

I'm not serving my readers as I should.

It builds up a pressure inside you. That you are falling behind.

So, Here's What Actually Happens

You get excited with your blog, love to craft your works. And after some time, many of us face that burn out.

Not to mention, I face it often. And again, I know it sucks.

At a time, procrastination takes control. And sometimes, we can't think of writing another article, as we fear that we will not be able to match our previous post's quality.

So, what are the issues again?

  • Procrastination
  • Fear of challenging own self

Luckily, I found a short guide myself on how to plod along even when you are burnt out. And that's what I'm sharing below.

13 December 2015


18 Rational Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog

Blogs are everywhere.

Even huge companies out there keep a blog of own.

You like forums better?

No sweat. You can keep a blog of your forum as well.

They both will represent your brand. Like it does with moz's blog and forum.

The faster you understand how important blogging is, the better. Your biggest exposures would come through blogs.

Here I present you the 22 reasons why you should blog as well.

07 December 2015

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6 Beautiful Tips For Creating SEO Optimized Content To Rank Big In Search Engines

Don't you want traffic from search engines?

I bet you do.

Plenty ways you can do that.

One of them is to optimize posts for search engines. That way, you rank your pages on search pages and get traffic from it.

This is a tactic people have been using for long and you can do it with ease as well.

But do you know how to optimize articles for search engines? Are you aware of the proper ways?

01 December 2015


The 11 Step Guide To Skyrocket Your Slow Website To Save At Least 3 Seconds

If you think you will succeed with your turtle-speed site, you might have already dismissed the chance that you’ll run your successful business and beat the competition no matter what.

However, you might want to rethink that absurd thought.

Site speed optimization can be done by nearly every, if not every blogger and online marketer out there.

The one thing that stops you from putting effort behind this matter behind this aspect is a misguided thought like “Is it really that important?”

Yes, Google themselves announced that loading speed is a ranking factor of their search engine. And it has lot to do with user-comfort which google values the most.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can boost your website / blog loading speed and not stay in the turtle gang.

Study says,

28 November 2015

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What Does A Blog Post Need? 11 Mandatory Things [Infographic]

Need an awesome guide on how you can create great content?

Wanna know what a great content has to have?

Copyblogger has a great guide for you, an infographic.

Hope you'll love it as much as I did.

27 November 2015

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33 Ping Website For Faster Indexation And More Backlinks For Greater Rankings

You know about pinging right?

It's a process where you inform search engines about  your site's update.

Pinging tools are a type of SEO tool.

Study says, there is over 1 trillion sites on internet.

These sites contain huge information.

Information appears in search engine after they are indexed.

People love seeing new things, so search engines do the same. Crawlers collect new information and put it in their database. But sometimes it can take days to get your post indexed.

At these times, pinging sites will help for quick indexation.