13 December 2015


18 Rational Reasons Why Every Business Should Blog

Blogs are everywhere.

Even huge companies out there keep a blog of own.

You like forums better?

No sweat. You can keep a blog of your forum as well.

They both will represent your brand. Like it does with moz's blog and forum.

The faster you understand how important blogging is, the better. Your biggest exposures would come through blogs.

Here I present you the 22 reasons why you should blog as well.

1. It Drives Big Traffic To Your Website

2. It Boosts Your Mailing List

3. Blog gives your brand a bigger credibility

4. Running a great blog gives you better authority.

5. Blogs get more sales. According to hubspot's study, 60% businesses who blog got more buyers.

6. Your SEO mainly depends on blogs.

7. Google prioritizes blogs over other sites.

8. You can provide total solutions to your audience.

9. Blog can breathe you inspiration.

10. Blogging can be fun.

11. It's a side where you can focus to improve your business.

12. You can earn trust of your audience.

13. Blogging is writing. It makes you creative.

14. It gives your writing skills to show off.

15. A blog can inspire you to continue your business.

16. People are accustomed to reading blogs.

17. Blogs build deep relationship with readers.

18. Blogs are a two way conversation medium.

Think it's worth blogging?

Do let me know in the comment box.

And if you've more ideas why it's beneficial to blog, don't forget to drop them in comments.

See ya.