24 November 2015

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9 Step Guide To Write A Blog Post Super Quick So You Save Hours

Many of us blog as a side business.

For some, we get 3-4 hours off a day.

We cut that time to make a blog, to write those articles and other stuff.

Frankly, we all are busy. And blogging is a thing that'll always require articles. And many of us struggle to craft up these articles. Time passes by, but we do not progress.

Of course, there are writers who love to hit the keys and many of them can spend lots of time in writing thought they are busy. But most of the people don't have that amount of interest. If you're like me, then you as well must have a hard time to write every single one.

We get a nice article after a lot of blood and sweat.

But what if we could boost up the process?

By fast, we don't mean to write in bad quality. But we'll write more than we usually do per hour.

Sounds good? So, let's see the tips that'll help us to write super fast.

1. Plan Your Time First

Plan for how long you will write. After the time ends, we'll pull the finishing. 1 hour or 2 or 3 hours, it depends of you. But make sure that, you can fully allot that time to writing.

2. You Can Do It In Time

You have to believe that you can write good articles in time. You can save time and make quality articles in time. You may start off slow. Like- 300 words per hour, but it'll increase with time. Many bloggers are writing huge articles in short time, it isn't a miracle though you are miraculous.

3. Kill distractions

We're taking a small amount of time. So, we have to make full use of it.

Distractions can hamper your productivity. You need to kill the so you can write 50 words instead of 30. The less distraction, the more you'll be able to focus.

Here are some ways of killing distractions,

  • Close the room door
  • Tell others to not disturb you
  • Close the curtains
  • Switch off the TV (Most important)
  • Work offline as it can engage for hours.

4. Do Research On The Topic

It's better to write on a topic you already know about. Whether you do or not, you'll need to do a quick research before you start writing. Take 5-10 mins to skim an article and take the major ideas.

And when you go to write, ideas will pop up in mind soon. You'll also be writing the accurate things because you've researched about it.

You'll also be able to add your opinion on the ideas.

5. Make a list in 10 minutes

It's always good to make a list before you start writing. Even for this article, I'm using lists. List makes it fast to write.

Here's the list I used to write the distraction part,

  • Can hamper productivity.
  • Killing them increases productivity
  • You can focus more
  • The whole time gets used

After making that list, you need to break it up. Write 3-4 lines on every para. If you can go more, then do it. This saves you lots of time and you don't lose your ideas this way.

I personally love this tactic, many others bloggers and marketers also follow this step, like- Neil Patel.

6. keep writing for 25 minutes

The first 25 minutes are important but you can't go slow. Don't stop, it's just 25 minutes.

Stop thinking too much, you've done research, write whatever comes to mind. No need to edit.

Stop judging yourself on every sentence. After you write a sentence don't even look at it again, you can come back and fix that later. Now, we need to be in rhythm.

The more you'll write, the more information you'll have for yourself. So, whatever happens in that 25 minutes, don't stop hitting those buttons.

7. You can make use of coffee

After that fast 25 minutes, grab a cup of coffee. It'll remove your monotony.

You can multitask in this case. You can take coffee and do research on the topic in the same time. You can read an article or you can also watch a video on the topic so you have lots of more info to write about in the next time.

After you're done with that 2-3 minutes, get it out of your sight in 30 seconds.

8. Keep writing, forget editing

After that break, it's time to write rapid. This will be the biggest portion of your article.

Keep writing, just put words on the page. Don't judge yourself, it's good.

Don't even think about proofreading, we'll do that later. Now, it's only time to write.

Remember, you'll have to write till the planned time ends. When you have 5 minutes left, progress towards the finishing.

Just add the conclusion sub-heading and give a 3-5 sentence finishing.

9. Take A Break And Give The Finishing

It's good to take 30 minutes break before you edit. But since we're gonna write fast here, we'll not take more than 10 minutes.

Remember, we have to engage ourselves good at this time so that we can refresh our mind.

  • Watch a YouTube video
  • Play a racing game
  • take a walk.
  • Eat something spicy etc.

After the time, get back to your desk.

Just do the followings,

  • Correct the grammatical mistakes 
  • Format the post
  • Add pictures
  • Remove unnecessary sentences
  • Hit the publish (Be Brave)

Of course, you can go back and edit to write your article, but it's a lot easier to edit when you have that article already created, this I'm saying from my experience.


I often use these tactics more or less to speed up writing.. Writing can be a pain, but you still have to do it. If you find all these too hard to follow, then I suggest,

Follow tip no 5- MAKE A LIST. It always boosts writing.

Just do it, the blank page is right there, The more you'll write, the better your writings will get.

Come on, don't leave that blank page hanging.


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