12 January 2016

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How To Keep Writing Blogs When You Don't Feel Like It?? - The My Way

It pains man, it pains.

It makes me feel guilty as well. That I'm not updating my blog.

I'm not serving my readers as I should.

It builds up a pressure inside you. That you are falling behind.

So, Here's What Actually Happens

You get excited with your blog, love to craft your works. And after some time, many of us face that burn out.

Not to mention, I face it often. And again, I know it sucks.

At a time, procrastination takes control. And sometimes, we can't think of writing another article, as we fear that we will not be able to match our previous post's quality.

So, what are the issues again?

  • Procrastination
  • Fear of challenging own self

Luckily, I found a short guide myself on how to plod along even when you are burnt out. And that's what I'm sharing below.

1. Write short

When we think about writing, we feel like that we need to match the top dogs in our niches.

They put out XXXX word articles every now and then. That somehow gives us the idea that a blog post needs to be really short.

I say, "Fuck It"

Why do you need to write it that big? You want to rank on search engines and other stuff?

"FUCK IT". Instead, focus on content engagement.

People love short articles, though big ones get much more attention.

People just love short ones, and I'm not going to listen to someone if they say people don't love short articles.

While writing, starting a long intro may get you lost, your ideas might disappear.

For instance, you want to write on "60 Blogging Niches", that's good. But going "20" is an easier option.

So, don't bother always creating XXXX words. You need short ones as well.

And short ones is a lot less intimidating.

Like, "Top 5 Blogging Niches" is much easier to write than 20.

And if you can make it quick, people won't hate it. Just chill, short ones are great, your content engagement has been the key.

2. Write yourself

Everything that comes to your mind on that topic, write it. 

Don't be afraid, there's no police here.

So, you fear you'll ruin your name in the niche? Not really... Well, a little, maybe.

But sharing your own opinions is much appreciated in the blogosphere.

If someone says "Content is king" and you believe "Links are king", then say it out.

No police is going to come to you and ask for an explanation.

What can the max bad thing be? A reader doesn't agree with you in the comments?

Then be it, blogs were made to share ideas, not to give any god's advice which is the best solution.

Blogs were like hobbies, but some people created an idea that it's pure business. They are correct till a certain degree.

But blogs are also to be enjoyed. Without that enjoyment.... Success is a far junction.

3. Update Even If You Missed For Long

So, you had had it. You had stopped blogging.

Now, you don't feel like going back to your blog and put up a new post.

I've always been there. I hadn't updated this site in last 30 days I guess. So what?

I'll lose traffic? Maybe.

But if I don't ever update it, then?...........

This site will go dead. 

That's the whole thing. You can't be shy to update your blog after a long time.

And for your kind information, many bloggers update their blogs once or twice a month and make a decent income. Of course, they had to work for it earlier. But doesn't hurt to follow their present-steps.

I know a person running his blog on web development... He updates it once a month. And sometimes, not even that.... Yet he makes around $400 - $600 from that site.

So, think you can craft one in 15 days?

How about writing 200 words per day?

Remember,  no one sets the publishing deadline for YOUR BLOG.

4. Just be in the game

So, when you don't feel like writing, don't stop learning.

Read blogs. Just do something.

Don't think that you'll quit this stuff.

OK, you don't want to write anymore, I understand.

But that's just the present you. Remember, you started your blog because you liked it before, you wrote posts because you thought it'll pay off.

Back then, you loved it... And now, you don't like it that much.

That's persuasive, but one thing you should do is, not quit.

You can make a comeback after 15 days. Or 20. Or even a month.

What can happen at max? You'll get a huge bounce rate? That might seem a problem, but isn't that better than a dead blog.....?

Remember, sometimes you need to plod along.... And after you fix your broken leg (diminished motivation), your upbeat blogging hormones will kick again.

Over To You


Blogging is meant to be fun.
You don't need to make XXXX word posts
You have your own ideas, and they are beautiful.
No blog police.
If someone disagrees, that's OK.
The best one, "No Deadline :D "

If you have anything to say, I'm in the comments.

I'd be super happy to know if this post helped you even a bit. :)