07 December 2015

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6 Beautiful Tips For Creating SEO Optimized Content To Rank Big In Search Engines

Don't you want traffic from search engines?

I bet you do.

Plenty ways you can do that.

One of them is to optimize posts for search engines. That way, you rank your pages on search pages and get traffic from it.

This is a tactic people have been using for long and you can do it with ease as well.

But do you know how to optimize articles for search engines? Are you aware of the proper ways?

There are simple steps you can adapt.

Here they are, let's roll.

1. Optimize Your Title

Once I saw a SEO expert say, scrutinizing with title and optimizing it to the best is the best tactic he knows. And he was about 18 years versed SEO-er.

It certainly holds a great value. To search engine as well as the readers.

Use common keywords, if you can, add long tail keywords as well.

Most of the people would only see the title of your post, so make sure you keep it short, sweet and to-the-point.

One secret tip- Using words between brackets () / [] gets a better click through rate (CTR).

2. Keyword Littering

You need to repeat your targeted keyword a few times to clear the what you are writing about.

Here's what you can do to your targeted keyword,

  • Bold once
  • Italicize once
  • Underline once
  • h1 Once
  • h2 once
You need to repeat them but not too much. Always make sure to check your keyword density before publishing. 2% - 3% is good. Not more than that.

3. Go Huge

Studies have shown numerous times that big articles rule on search pages.

If you head up to google and search for any topic, you'll mostly see big articles ranking better.

Of course, there are exceptions as there are lots of ranking factors like backlinks, social signals, but a big article is built-in SEO optimized.

Why? Cause google believes big articles contain more information that can actually answer the user's questions, that can actually meet people's need.

It's good to write 2000 words if you're targeting any precise keyword.

But lots depends on competition as well. If competitors goes broad with their content, you might want to spend a considerable amount of time for enriching your content.

4. Forget about Copying Content

Google likes fresh new content. So, if you plan to copy things from others, forget it. Many times, we like to quote text from other sites. You should keep an eye on this thing. You should do it to a limit, too much copying can send bad impression to google..

Google doesn't like to serve their readers with same things on every page. So, if you've planned to do something like that, I prefer to leave it along.

5. Target Low Competition Keywords

When it comes to keyword competition, some are very competitive.

Some companies have sort of owned precise keywords. And often things just doesn't work out with those keywords no matter what you try.

So, it's better to target the keywords that people haven't got their hands of yet.

To know how to measure a keyword's competition, check out sir Brian's post, - Click Here

6. Don't Forget To Optimize Your Images

Images are also a part of your article. Make sure you optimize them properly. It can bring in additional visitors through google images.

Some image optimization tips for you,

  • Name your picture with the targeted keyword (s) before uploading
  • Give proper description with targeted keyword (s).
  • Use alt tags with targeted keyword (s).
  • Compress the image (TinyPNG)


So, there you have some basic yet effective tips to make your articles optimized.

Have anything to add?

You know of something else?

Please don't hesitate to share in the comments.

Keep well all. See ya.

~ M.H.Shoab