27 November 2015

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33 Ping Website For Faster Indexation And More Backlinks For Greater Rankings

You know about pinging right?

It's a process where you inform search engines about  your site's update.

Pinging tools are a type of SEO tool.

Study says, there is over 1 trillion sites on internet.

These sites contain huge information.

Information appears in search engine after they are indexed.

People love seeing new things, so search engines do the same. Crawlers collect new information and put it in their database. But sometimes it can take days to get your post indexed.

At these times, pinging sites will help for quick indexation.

Why's it so necessary?

I'll tell you exactly why, let's see a story.

You started your new blog with your $30. You wrote a few articles. You were quite satisfied with the quality of articles. All you now want is traffic. After waiting 2 - 3 days you see no visits, it's all you. You start scratching your head, oh my! what's going wrong? You know google is the biggest search engine and you expect traffic from it. You go to google to see if your post is doing OK or not. You search for your blog, articles, you find nothing. You ask people around what's going wrong. Someone says that your blog is not indexed yet.

You understand the matter but don't know any way of indexing those pages. You just keep waiting for those search crawlers to come?

  • You might also need to break a news. You don't want others to get to it first because the burning issue might get dimmed. You can use these tools to get indexed before them.
  • You might create a new post and another big site with a unscrupulous owner comes and copies your stuff. Their post gets indexed faster, you become the culprit because of stealing other people's stuff. I know it might not happen but you know it might happen.
That's the time when pinging sites come to play. These will help you to get indexed quicker.

How To Use Pinging Sites?

I'll show how to do it on ping-o-matic as I use it often.

  • Head over to ping-o-matic site.
  • Put your index-desired page name in "Blog Name:"
  • Put home page and RSS links in the boxes.
  • Check all the services (all of them)
  • Hit "Send Pings" button.
Hope you won't have much problem using other ones.

Where's The Pinging Site List?

Here's the pinging sites list you've been waiting for.

1. Pingler.com - PR 4

2. Pingomatic.com - PR 6

3. Twingly.com - PR 6

4. Weblogs.com - PR 7

5. Bulkping.com - PR 3

6. PingMyBlog.com - PR 4

7. Ping.in - PR 4

9. PingFarm.com - PR 3

10. BlogBuzzer.com - PR 2

11. Blo.gs - PR 5

12. Pingthatblog.com - PR 0

13. MyPageRank.net - PR 5

14. TotalPing.com - PR 4

15. BitCoras.com - PR 5

16. PingMyURL.com - PR 4

17. GooglePing.com - PR 3

18. BacklinkPing.com - PR 2

19. PingSitemap.com - PR 2

20. IceRocket.com - PR 5

21. PingMyLink.com - PR 3

22. PingBomb.com - PR 2

23. Site24x7.com - PR 3

24. Smallseotools.com - PR Unranked

25. MassPinger.com - PR 2

26. UseMe.org - PR 2

27. KulePing.com - PR 2

28. Get-Free-Backlinks.com - PR Unranked

29. freelinksubmitter.com - PR 0

30. startping.com - PR 0

31. rankontoponline.com - PR 7

32. mypagerank.net - PR 5

33. indexkings.com - PR 2

Can Over-Pinging Hurt?

Here I'll be honest with you. I actually don't know.

But I've seen some people say that search engines don't like more than one ping.

And I've also heard people getting results using more pings.

But I'd try to stay on the safe side if you ask me and use only once. Yes, after every post, ping once.


There you have it, 22 sites where you can ping your blog, forum and other sites.

You might want to bookmark it to peek afterwards.

Don't forget to let me know which works for you best.