20 November 2015

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20 Blogging Niches For 2015 That'll Assist You Select Your Next Blog Topic

Blogging starts with a good topic selection.

Blogging is a long process, so, good topic selection is "fail or succeed" crucial.

Many are busy with many topics, but have you found your passion yet?

Below, I’ve made a list of some well-known blogging topics. Hopefully, these topics will help you the least to find your own passionate topic.

Maybe you’ll also find something of your interest which you weren’t confident to choose as your blogging topic.

Okay fellas, let’s start then.

1. Entertainment

Everyone seeks for entertainment, whoever it might be. If you can make someone laugh online, or give them something to chew on, then you can rest assure that you’ll never lack visitors.

Many things can be part of this topic. Some renowned ones are- movie updates, celebrity news, new songs, gossips etc. Again, it can be anything, like, TV show and even plain jokes.

The point is, if you can give them some fun or some food for mind, then it’s a successful entertainment site.

2. Health

Health is wealth- that never gets old.

  • If anyone gets injured at this moment, he might search the cure on internet.
  • If anyone’s tensed about his weight, he might search way out on internet.
  • If someone wants healthy diet plan, he might search on internet.

Health blog is there to help them. 

Perfect health is an eternal hope, everyone wants to keep it good. So, if you know about health tips that can help, I encourage you to select this topic. 

There are many things to write on this topic, like- good food habit, weight loss, exercises etc.

I encourage you to join these for 3 reasons,

  •    You’ll be helping people for real.
  •    There’s a monstrous audience in this topic.
  •    People spend serious money on this topic.

3. Technology

It’s a massive topic. 

In this, people discuss things related to technology updates. It can be a new gadget release, a gadget review, a new app, a new laptop model and many more things.

People of tech world always need and search for these things, so you’ll never have any audience or buyer lack. It’s one of the biggest topic at present.

4. Money Hacks

No, that does not mean robbing on stealing.

Just a few days ago, I saw a site that said you can get more chicken if you visit KFC late.

Another day I saw some reviews of cheap eBook readers which’ll not force me to spend a lot of money on what I don’t need.

We live in a world of fix budget. But we also spend money on things we don’t need. 

The main job of these sites is to point those mistakes to use. They advise on how to spend money by planning, how to save money and how to get more with the same amount of money.

If you’re experienced in these money management things, I encourage you to go after this topic.

5. Life Hacks

How can you be more successful in life, how can you be more contented with life, how can you live more of life, how can you come back in life, how do confident people do all these, what fools do, mistakes and foolishness of life, good and bad decisions of life are topics of these sites.

If you’ve started to understand and comprehend life, then you’ll be able to write good on these topic. You’ll be able to help others with your experience which took a lot time to get.

6. Food Blogging

I love donuts. I want to make them at home.

But oops, I don’t know how to. What’ll I do?

Bingo! I’ll dig the internet.

Many housewives, chefs and other people search about food. New food trends, food reviews, food recipe, cooking utensils, cooking tricks etc. are shared on these sites. People run after this topic like crazy. Food brings everyone together. If you can teach a good recipe to someone, he Will remember you. It’s a monstrous topic, as it’s a necessity of life, the audience is hungry (LOL).

7. Personality Building

This type of blog teaches people to recognize himself, to understand situations, what to do and what not to. What people hate, what behavior people loves etc. Some post examples are,

How To Be Kind
How To Enjoy Life
How To Face Fears

Hope you get the point.

So, as you can see, this topic teaches you to live better and make changes that change lives.

8. Sports

Many are addicted in sports. It's a passion.

People spend lots of money after sports stuff. Sports like football, cricket, basketball are loved by many people.

Maybe you're also a fan of some sport, maybe you also spend time behind these things, like many other.

These sites contain sportsmen news, which team bought whom, how they can improve a site and lots and lots more.

You need to have passion to write on this topic. If you love football, get started, if cricket, do the same. 

Besides audience, money; it'll also keep you updated and give you a platform to share your thoughts and opinions.

9. Cars, Bikes, Vroom 

The world of these machines is huge. Many search for car features, reviews, parts etc. Parts like- seat, gearbox, fuel tank, interior parts are always to be hunted.

If you're experienced, get started. This has a huge sum of money behind it.

10. Fashion

Accodring to wikipedia, fashion means "a popular or the latest style of clothing, hair, decoration, or behaviour".

Many love to search about new fashion trends. New outfits, fashion shows etc. is their love. You can fulfill that need by giving your thoughts and opinions, informing them about new styles of life.

11. Blogging

Many blogger face struggles in journey of bloggng, they need someone to saty beside and help them. Some take this topic to give guidance to those people.

Many new people are stepping in this blogging world, they need serious guidance. If you're experienced in this field, you can take the responsibilities to make them a profitable blog etc.

Stuff of this topic is- blogging tutorials, blogging tips, writing tips, SEO, marketing and a few more.

12. Photography

Photography is a passion. Many get out with the camera in hands whenever they get time. But many are zero in knowledge in this field. Like- they don't know about- lighting, lens, position etc.

Many big photographers share images on their blogs to build their fame. They also make direct sales. They also protect their pictures' claim by uploading on blog. Some photography blog examples are,

13. Pet Care

Many people in Europe love pets. Like- dogs, cats, horses. People search for their food, care tips on internet.

These pet sites are there to help them.

14. Cartoon / Anime

Besides children, many grownups also like to watch cartoons.

Nowadays, many like to hop on youtube and watch cartoons online. And many take it to the next level by reading blogs.

They want to stay in touch with these series'. New entries, an gossip, any character's discussion etc. kids love utmost.

15. Education 

There are lots of tough things to learn. 

Luckily, we have google now. Majority of people search google for study sake more or less.

Science, maths, literature are hard subjects. If you're good in any subject, if you can help others secure their future, then yes, you can make money online.

16. Dating and Relationship

Many are harassed with their relationship. They need help to improve their condition where you can step in and build a blog to write on that.

People are always interested in this topic, they need help to take the decisions and help with do's and dont's. For this, people will always shower money here.

The stuff here are- dating sites, dating advices, romantic relationship etc.

17. Web Designing And Development

People dig a lot about site designing, coding in internet. Some run after blogs to learn them.

You can teach your creative designs here. If you're good in any coding language like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP then you can write about them. Often, from this kind of site, you'll get hired for your skill. Besides the income, this niche will also keep you in practice.

18. Home Decoration

Many girls dress home with internet's help. Wall colors, furniture placement, these things lay effect and reflect on people's mood, taste. 

These sites encourage you to commit the decoration themselves. These are also called DIY (do it yourself). 

19. Exercise And Fitness

Keeping a fit body is an eternal challenge for people. Building muscles, six packs are the trends of today.

If you're versed in gym, exercise, other workouts, then you can teach them online in you blog to open new income window.

20. Children Care

Looking after kids is not a kid's job. Their parents need help with their food, nutrition, exercise which they get from internet.

Plus their personality, mental growth, dresses are to be included in these sites.


So, it was all for today. 

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I'd like to hear from you.

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