01 December 2015


The 11 Step Guide To Skyrocket Your Slow Website To Save At Least 3 Seconds

If you think you will succeed with your turtle-speed site, you might have already dismissed the chance that you’ll run your successful business and beat the competition no matter what.

However, you might want to rethink that absurd thought.

Site speed optimization can be done by nearly every, if not every blogger and online marketer out there.

The one thing that stops you from putting effort behind this matter behind this aspect is a misguided thought like “Is it really that important?”

Yes, Google themselves announced that loading speed is a ranking factor of their search engine. And it has lot to do with user-comfort which google values the most.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how you can boost your website / blog loading speed and not stay in the turtle gang.

Study says,
people are not likely to revisit a site if it take more that 7 seconds to load.

So, it's totally clear that you need a fast site to hold onto the readers.

Due to user-comfort, google has also taken website speed into ranking factor.

Though it's not the no. 1 ranking factor out there, but still,

it'll give you an edge over your competition.

Lots of studies showed that speed increases traffic and lowers bounce rate.

How Slow Speed Affects Sites..the bad way

  • Once google showed 30 results on homepage instead of 10 due to people's request. The page took a half second more to load, but the traffic dropped by 20%. :(
  • Google announced himself that site speed is a ranking factor.
  • People still use slow internet connections on mobiles. Too slow loading on mobile can cause penalized.
  • Study says, 45% of internet surfers expect a site to load within 2 seconds.
  • 1 second delay in amazon's loading can approximately drop their sales 1.6 billion dollars a year.

As you see, every second has it's value. A fast site can turn your business around. If the reader won't be there on the page to see the content, the chances are, your leads, conversions would be buried alive.

So, let me ask you,

Do you want to boost your site's speed?

You do? Great.

Cause here I'm going to give you 15 ways how you can skyrocket your site's speed.

Let's roll.

1. Use a Bullet theme.

Theme is the core of a site. If it'll hold the site down, many other things won't affect much.

You need a fast theme that loads super quick.

When you go to pick a theme, I mean when you go to see the demo, make sure it loads in3-4 seconds.

I know, that might sound too quick.

But hey, when you'll use that theme, you'll place ads, plugins.

They'll slow down the site a bit.

So, it's good to be inside that 3-4 second mark.

2. Compress Images

Yes, you've heard it before.

Compress it.

I personally use tinypng.com

It's good and has a high compression ratio.

Sometimes, it gives me up to 70% compression.

And I hope it'll do the same to you.

3. Avoid using too much ads

So, ads are income source for you.

But too many of them can slow down your site.

If you're getting paid too low, then get rid of those ads.

But if your loading speed is within 7 second mark, then you can plod with it.

It's all about keeping the speed under 7 seconds, better if 5.

4. Use a cache.

For platforms like wordpress, you'll find cache plugins.

These plugins store the already-loaded data in the browser's memory and the next time you load those stuff,

you don't need to re-load them.

There are common things that load every time you visit a page.

Like- header, footer, sidebar.

These are made of codes and images.

You won't need to load the components again once it's loaded.

5. Kick out unnecessary plugins

There are plugins you actually don't need.

Yet you might be using them.

But it pulls your site down.

Get rif rid of them. Seriously.

6. Move Javascript To Bottom

Often it's seen people use javascript based plugins and stuff.

Javascript components take lot more time than HTML.

If you think a plugin is really important to you but slows down your site,

you can move it to the bottom or the lower part of your website.

Cause when it'll load, it won't affect the reader that you site is still loading.

And visitors leave on-loading sites. Cause often, they make lots of shaky movements.

7. Limit post count on homepage

You knew it was coming.

The more posts you'll have on your page, the more time it'll take.

As simple as that.

I'd prefer not to keep more than 8. I know it's a bit high.

But that's the max level. I myself consider 6 as perfect.

8. Compress Codes

Ever heard of compressing CSS codes?

Yes, nearly all website themes contain CSS commands.

CSS codes can be made faster by compressing.

They surely give a boost in the speed.

You can visit the below site to compress images.

It's very easy, so I don't think I need to teach it in detail, but if you suffer, leave a comment.

Remember, when you'll compress codes, they'll get harder to read on a human's eyes.

So, make sure to create a backup first.

9. Get A Better Server

Make sure your website host server is responding good and is giving the promised speed.

If it's slow for some reason, you can change it.

There are SSD servers nowadays that are faster than usual.

They'll cost a bit more, but it's worth it. You can also purchase a personal server instead of sharing.

I'm not saying it must to buy new stuff,

but if you wanna take it the next level, then go ahead, I'm vouching.


I'm gonna be hones here, I'm not sure what that is.

But everybody is saying around  that it increases website speed.

As the author, I felt I should tell you about this resource. Here's a screenshot from conversionxl

What is CDN

11. Use WordPress to boost up site

I've worked on WordPress based sites, they're much faster loading in competition with other platforms.

They have all sorts of plugins to keep the speed at peak.

So, that's it. Now Conclusion.

My friends, I believe these are some viable ways to keep the speed up.

Remember, if it's under 2-3 seconds, then great.

between 4-5, good.

Between 7, OK.

I know you might have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
I'm all ears in the comments box below. See you there.

Image Credits- Picjumbo.com and flickr.com.